Patricia Schuldtz



Patricia Schuldtz (profile)

Patricia has been considered one of the pioneers of female DJ’s in Indonesia. She rose to the top of R&B Jakarta scene, started in Australia, while studying in 2001. Born with a mixture of German and Chinese blood, beautiful and bright, surrounded by people who were in the dance music industry, this girl’s hobby soon became a career to her amazement. After 4 years being in the HipHop industry, with eclectic sounds from R&B, HipHop, Soul, Classics, and Reggaeton, she decided to broaden her genre into House. Ever since then, she held more gigs around Indonesia’s major clubs in over 25 cities, around Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia),and played alongside International DJ’s such as Dennis Ferrer, Harry Choo Choo Romero,Havana Brown, Jochen Miller, Gorillaz Sound system, and Laidback Luke.


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